About Our Clean-Up Services

At Hammer Landscape & Maintenance we offer a number of clean-up landscape services for home and business owners in Eugene. As opposed to scheduled maintenance (such as weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly recurring maintenance) the clean-up service is a one time, standalone service. An average clean-up is typically completed in 1/2 day to two days.

Sean and his guys were the BEST! I had recently bought a house with a massive clean up job in the backyard with blackberry bushes and ivy taking over to the point where it was bothering the neighbors and pulling down the fence. Sean got me an estimate really quickly, and the Russ and Tony came out and just beasted the job. I was super happy with the work they did; really it was above and beyond. Sean was also really flexible and willing to work with me on my budget, and was able to give me professional and affordable service that took care of what I was most worried about. I can’t recommend these guys strongly enough! -Jamie Hoffman

Our one-time clean-up packages can drastically change the way a client feels about their home. We can transform your backyard in a day or two and sometimes even in an afternoon. We do our best to work with your schedule and find a time that works for you. With our commercial equipment we have the capability to remove and haul away large amounts of debris that won’t fit in a standard sized yard waste bin.

Debris removal and hauling, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, and leaf cleanup removal services are some of the examples of our clean up type services. One-time yard maintenance services include taking down overgrown vegetation, trimming shrubs, dead shrub and tree removal, weed and moss treatments, nitrous rich fertilizer applications, edging, mowing, and blowing. These lawn care and yard maintenance tasks are very popular clean up type services.

For many homeowners, yard debris and so-called junk accumulate over the years and can cause the appearance of the yard to deteriorate. Our trailers and truck beds are perfect for hauling this away to recycling centers enabling the property owner to reclaim their yard. Our full service yard clean-up service usually takes about 1 to 3 days depending on the size of the property and amount of debris needed to be removed. After completion, the property owner has a ‘clean slate’ so to speak where the bulk of work has been done and they can focus on improving or maintaining the property.

If you are the type of person who enjoys working in your yard and garden do not worry. We don’t want to take your yard away from you. We are good at taking care of what needs to be done and get your outdoor area to the point where you feel comfortable taking it on. This allows you to concentrate on the things you enjoy and want to do in your yard such as: planting new flowers, pruning roses, or just relaxing in your backyard on a sunny afternoon.

Clean-Up Packages

Hammer Landscape & Maintenance features three levels or ‘price-tiers’ of clean-up packages customers can choose from:

Economy Package

  • Knock down all over grown ground vegetation
  • Roughly cut all shrubs to get their basic outline
  • Remove any dead shrubs or overhanging tree limbs
  • Soft edge lawn and one pass with mower
  • Blowdown

Deluxe Package (Most Popular)

  • Treat all weeds with herbicide 5-7 days prior to clean up
  • Line trim or osculate weeds out of flower beds, rake and level out any existing bark
  • Trim shrubs into tight shapes: separating, lifting canopy (skirting), following by light hand pruning
  • Removal of dead vegetation
  • Lifting the trees canopy off the ground and freeing each trunk of small or diseased limbs
  • Hard edging with line trimming touch ups
  • 2 passes with mower for longer grasses (as needed), blowdown and removal of most debris
  • 1 fertilizer application
  • Bark and pre-emergent
  • 10% off first month of scheduled maintenance

Mr. Green Thumb Package

  • Herbicide application followed by removal of all weeds from beds
  • Shrubs and vegetation pruned ‘tight’
  • Prepping for low future maintenance, ‘The Prune and Groom’
  • Heavier hand pruning done to all shrubs and vegetation (as needed) to make a beautifully shaped outline
  • All dead vegetation removed
  • Trees thinned out, cleaned up and ‘restored’
  • Hard edging with line trimming touch-ups
  • 2 passes with the mower at descending heights
  • 1 application of lime
  • Spot application of ferrous sulfate (moss treatment)
  • 1 application of a nitrous-rich fertilizer
  • Pre-emergent application followed by bark dust
  • 15% off first month of scheduled maintenance

**Note: packages can be altered at the customers request

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