About Our Landscape Maintenance & Lawn Care Services

Landscape maintenance is our most common landscape service in the greater Eugene and Springfield area. Unlike a one-time clean-up job, this is service is typically on a recurring weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly time frame. If you prefer to always have your lawn and yard looking its best, we recommend at least the bi-weekly green thumb lawn maintenance package. This ensures your lawn and yard stays immaculate and gets the extra care it deserves, particularly during the Spring season.

Sean has been taking care of our yard since July 2015. We initially found him to do a few odd jobs around our new home we purchased. He did such a great job we have him take care of our yard now. It is so nice to come home to a fresh mowed, weeded and trimmed yard after work and not have to worry about taking care of it ourselves. Sean is a very honest young man and fulfills his commitments. We totally trust him. He knows he can go into our yard when we are not at home and take care of what he needs to or what extra we ask him seasonally to do. I would suggest him and his company to anyone looking for hassle free, professional service you can trust!! -Maggie Fay

The lawn, in particular, is in constant need of care to stay healthy and green. Whether it is fertilizer, edging, or mowing our attention to lawn care will ensure your yard maintains a vibrant green and well-kept appearance. A blow down of hard surfaces each and every visit — regardless of which package you choose — keeps walkways and driveways clean of yard debris, dirt, and leaves.

Oftentimes, scheduled maintenance jobs are preceded by a one-time clean-up unless the property is already in top notch shape. We like to spend more time upfront is because it helps get your property to a manageable level. Then, we are able to preserve the clean and attractive condition with our weekly maintenance visits. The one time clean up leading into scheduled maintenance service is most popular with residential clients, though sometimes commercial clients require this service if they are opening/re-opening for business.

Our add-on services such as pressure washing, lawn restoration, and gutter cleaning can be added to a regular maintenance visit at the customer’s request. Occasionally adding these services to your regular landscape maintenance service ensures that your yard will retain its reputation as the crown jewel of the neighborhood.

Home Care Packages:

Hammer Landscape & Maintenance features three levels or ‘price-tiers’ of home care packages customers can choose from:

Necessities Package

  • Lawn mow with pattern change every service
  • Soft or hard edge borders every other visit
  • Blowdown of hard surfaces

Green Thumb Package

  • Mowing, soft and hard edging leaving a define lawn outline
  • Prune and shape shrubs, ground cover or grasses
  • Keeping beds free of weeds by spraying and zipping
  • Consistent leaf removal and complete blowdowns
  • 2x yearly lawn fertilization
  • 7.5% off any pressure washing work

Better Homes and Gardens Package

  • Mow, edge, blow
  • Pruning and shaping shrubs to perfection on a weekly basis
  • Keeping ground cover and grasses looking tidy
  • Beds free of weeds by hand pulling or the spray and zip method
  • 4x yearly fertilization with 1 lime application
  • 1 application of ‘moisture manager’
  • 1 application of shrub fertilizer
  • Beds free of weeds by hand pulling or the spray and zip method
  • 1 Pre-Emergent application
  • 1 first level 200ft gutter cleaning service included with a 12 month commitment
  • 15% off any pressure washing work

**Note: packages can be altered at the customers request

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