Lawn Mowing & Maintenance Cost


We strive to make our pricing simple, transparent, and affordable. We have standardized pricing that we use for regular maintenance that is based on square footage. As every yard is different, factors like plant/tree density and access will increase or decrease the price. Pricing is also determined by how many visits per month each yard gets, most residential accounts are on a bi-weekly schedule but we service weekly and monthly as well! During the spring we will also upgrade service to weekly to keep on top of the fast growth that lawns experience. 

Pricing Factors 


The location and terrain play a direct role in how long a yard takes to get serviced. Yards that are distanced from vehicle parking where stairs or hillsides are used will take longer. Small gates also keep our big mowers from being able to get into back yards. Plant density and age are also factors as young small plants are easier to maintain that more mature larger ones.


Square or rectangle yards are easier to manage as corners provide points to which debris can be blown and picked up easily, lawns are also easier to mow when in this same shape. Oddly shaped yards filled with obstacles or flowerbeds will take more time for mowing and edging. 

Debris Removal:

Standard procedure is for our crews to haul all debris & clippings we gather at properties in our trucks. We set properties up on either an averaged-out monthly rate for debris disposal or charge by the yard hauled every month. During the fall, debris disposal changes depending on the concentration of trees and if we can leave leaves on the curb to be picked up or not. 

Fertilization and Weed prevention:

In order to simplify fertilization and weed prevention throughout the year, we offer packages that include the cost of fertilizer throughout the year in order to keep our monthly charge consistent. If you are unsure if you want us to handle this then we can also charge per application amount. 

Transparency & Communication

At Hammer Landscape & Maintenance, we always strive to provide you with an accurate, and unsurprising estimate. Regardless of your desires, we will always be upfront and honest with our prices and will immediately communicate any unforeseen aspects to our estimate to make sure you’re in the loop with what happens to your property. 

Interested In An Estimate?

Feel free to contact us with any inquiries into our pricing and services. We will always be transparent and open, with communication at the forefront of our business practices. 

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